Business Tips

Students Still Need Internships

By: Katherine Vickaryous – College Intern with E. Sue Huff & Associates, Inc.


Freshman year of college is a first glimpse of freedom. For me, it started off just as any normal school year; I joined a sorority, studied more than usual, and was figuring out life on my own. All of a sudden, college life was cut short by Covid-19. Just imagine packing for what was supposed to be the best spring break of your life, tanning on tropical beaches or skiing down the mountains, but instead you are told to stay home, wear a mask, and remain six feet from everyone. Yep… just my luck!

Florida State University notified me that I would be spending an extra two weeks home after spring break and, little did I know it would quickly turn into six months.

Now as I begin my sophomore year of college, I never would have imagined it being from my bedroom. All of my classes are remote and require more responsibility than before because there are no specific meeting times. This forces me to stay ahead of the game and constantly plan out my tasks. Who knew I would miss running to my 8am lecture so much?

As the “new normal” sets in, college students across the world are facing struggles regarding the future. Applying for internships isn’t the same anymore; career fairs are virtual, interviews are being held over the phone, and opportunities are scarce. This is a major struggle for a potential intern because the way person comes across over a phone call could be completely different than how they could showcase their personality and charisma in person.

Currently, I am interning virtually with E. Sue Huff and Associates. Sue has given me a great opportunity to gain experiences during these interesting and trying times. We meet weekly through Zoom to discuss my projects where she offers advice and critiques. I am extremely grateful to be working with her and I encourage every business to take students under their wing, as Sue has done for me. And the best part is, we work for free! I encourage you to open your doors to an intern.