Marketing your business

5 PR and public awareness tips to COVID recovery

  • Question: How important is a good PR and marketing plan for your business during COVID 2020?
  • Answer: Crucial

TIP 1: It’s critical to your business, especially during this particularly odd time in our lives, to be seen, heard and experienced.

TIP 2: Brainstorm with your team what can be announced, what new services you are offering, what need you are filling.

Tip 3: Team up with other businesses, groups, organizations to make a difference. Let the media know what you are doing. Be seen, make a difference. It will pay a return.

Tip 4: Ask clients for Google reviews, ask for votes when there are business awards available in your industry, and remember to make it easy for people to know you and recommend you. Send them the link to fill out a Google review for you or send a note that you would appreciate their vote for an award.

Tip 5: Up your game and PIVOT where needed. Start with your existing marketing plan and review all areas of planned activities including press releases, news pitches, networking, sales calls, social media, website, advertising, signage, alliances and all other marketing tools you have in your plan. Review how each one can be addressed and updated to meet today’s challenges. PIVOT your advertising to address client needs. What product or service do you offer that will fill a need. Focus on your strengths. Think outside the box.

Let’s talk marketing… E. Sue Huff