Marketing your business

What is NORMAL Marketing?

2020 has challenged us all and our marketing efforts but we can’t sit still, we need to pivot when necessary and market as never before. What is normal — besides a setting on your washing machine?

What are considered normal marketing practices?

They are different for each type of business. There is not one quick answer for one solution that fits all. Plus those dresses that say one size fits all usually don’t look as good on everyone as you might think.

We have to individualize your marketing approach.


Define what your NORMAL was to you – make a list of the marketing tools you used before COVID (which ones paid the largest ROI) Do you know? Did you keep data?

Get lean and clean with your message

Write down your client profile/who are they/what do they do/where do they shop/why did they choose you

Knowledge is power. We can only learn where and how to move forward by knowing what has worked and what did not.

The steps you need in order to dance to the winner’s circle.

How well do you dance, what are your strongest steps?

Cha Cha – clear cut repetition? (1, 2, 3 builds customer loyalty)

Twist and Shout – always moving, offering something new and exciting

Tango – are you involved and up close with your clients’ needs

Pivoting seems to be the new dance step we need to learn.  

What does this mean?

Pivot can mean: turn, spin, rotate, twirl, swivel or even spin

With our new dance step, we don’t want to get off balance and fall flat on our face. We need to be graceful and know our strengths and opportunities.

What are your strongest attributes, build on those?

I have pivoted my business model several times over the past 25 years to gain clients. 2001, 2010 and now. Every pivot brought new opportunities and new clients.

Stay flexible and KNOW your strongest dance steps – being flexible will help you survive and thrive. PIVOT and move forward with your “customized” marketing plan. It’s your business.